Tuition fees for the best MBA programs in Spain

Before starting an MBA, or Master of Business Administration, in Spain, it is advisable to gather some information first. On the table at the end of this page, we offer you a list showing the tuition fees for the best full-time, in-person MBA degree programs given in Spain at different business schools and universities. The table only includes MBA programs which give classes in person. It does not include MBA programs taught online or through distance learning in Spain. In addition to comparing the information on costs, by using this table you can see other basic features, such as the location where classes are given, the language in which they are taught, whether the program offers internships in companies, etc.

If you are only interested in studying in Madrid, we have provided a list of tuition fees for all of the schools in that city. You can browse through them under “Tuition fees for MBA degree programs in Madrid: Where to study.

If, however, what you are looking for is detailed information about all of the schools and universities which have MBA degree programs in Barcelona, then it is better for you to take a look at our page titled “Tuition fees for MBA degree programs in Barcelona: Where to study.

Top business schools in Spain

There are many different business schools which offer MBA degrees and they are quite varied, from more modest universities to the most prestigious of MBA schools, including the IE Business School in Madrid, ESADE and the IESE Business School.

In order to create our list of tuition fees for the best MBA programs in Spain, we used the information from the Eduniversal ranking, which evaluates the best Spanish business schools. Not all of the schools in that ranking offer MBA programs. The table only shows those MBA programs offered by schools in that ranking.

Tuition fees for MBA’s in Spain

The costs vary a great deal, depending upon the school which you end up choosing. You can study an official MBA for as little as €4,000 at a public university or invest nearly €80,000 as the most prestigious of schools.

Types of MBA degrees

Though one single school may offer several types of MBA degrees (Executive, Global, etc.), the Master’s degrees shown on this table are only basic MBA’s, or in other words, the regular MBA program specifically oriented towards recent university graduates who have not yet acquired a great deal of work experience.

Similarly, all of the MBA degrees listed on the table at the bottom of this page are programs given in person with a full-time course schedule.

Where to do an MBA in Spain

The MBA programs appearing on this table are all courses of study taught in person. You can study an MBA degree anywhere in Spain, though nearly all of the most prestigious business schools are located in Madrid and Barcelona.

Of course, there are also online MBA degree programs that you can take in the form of distance learning, which can be a good option for some. To find out the cost of an online Master’s degree of this sort, check out our table of tuition fees for online MBA programs in Spain with distance learning.

Internships in companies

Along with overall cost, this may be one of the most important factors in choosing an MBA program, tipping the scale towards one school or another. In our table, though we have tried to simply the information on internships with a simple YES, NO or OPTIONAL, the truth is that it is not clear whether the tuition fees of some MBA programs include an internship at a company, or whether you will be required to pay extra to get that experience. If you are in any way uncertain, we advise you to consult directly with the business school that you are interested in attending.

Comparative table with MBA tuition fees of the best business schools in Spain

RankingBusiness SchoolTuitionLocationCreditsDurationLanguageInternships
1ESADE Business School€62,700Barcelona90 ECTS12 monthsEnglishOptional
2IESE Business School€77,700Barcelona-19 monthsEnglishYes
3IE Business School€65,000Madrid-13 monthsSpanish, EnglishNo
4Universidad Carlos III de Madrid€19,600Madrid60 ECTS11 monthsEnglishNo
5EADA Business School€36,000Barcelona-11 monthsSpanish, EnglishNo
6Universidad Complutense de Madrid€5,000Madrid90 ECTS15 monthsSpanishYes
7Deusto Business School€12,800San Sebastián90 ECTS10 monthsSpanishYes
8Universidad Pontificia Comillas - ICADE Business School€22,000Madrid60 ECTS10 monthsSpanishOptional
9EAE Business School€25,900Barcelona, Madrid70 ECTS12 monthsSpanishYes
10ESIC Business School€22,900Madrid-10 monthsSpanishOptional
11Universidad Europea de Madrid€20,900Madrid60 ECTS10 monthsSpanish, EnglishYes
12EOI Business School€15,900Madrid-10 monthsSpanishOptional
13BES La Salle - Universidad Ramón Llull€17,800Barcelona90 ECTS15 monthsSpanish, EnglishNo
14Fundesem Business School€13,500Alicante80 ECTS10 monthsSpanishYes
15Universidad de Valencia – Dpto. Dirección de Empresas Juan José Renau Piqueras€4,158Valencia90 ECTS15 monthsSpanishYes
16Foro Europeo Escuela de Negocios de Navarra€10,150Huarte (Navarra)- 12 monthsSpanishYes
17ESEUNE Business SchoolBilbaoSpanishYes