Tuition fees of online MBA degree programs in Spain

Doing an online MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree in Spain is always a good option if you do not have enough time (or the desire) to attend normal classes with a regular schedule, whether because you are working or because you live in another country and are unable or unwilling to move. Moreover, MBA degrees taken online are significantly less expensive in terms of cost and tuition fees than MBA degrees taken in person in Spain.

Thanks to the Internet and constant improvements in terms of connection speeds, studying online from a distance is both easy and user-friendly. Plus, there is a wide-ranging offer of online MBA programs in both Spanish and English, given by business schools and universities all over the world.

The number of online MBA degree programs is enormous. On this page, we focus in on the online MBA degree programs offered by schools and universities in Spain. On the table we have provided you with below, you are given a clear way to examine the most important information on our selection of online MBA degree programs, including their tuition fees (cost), the schools which offers the programs, the language of instruction, duration and the availability of internship programs. We will update this table from time to time, as we discover new MBA programs to add.

As you can see on our quick-view table, in Spain there are both inexpensive and very costly online MBA programs. The range of prices is enormous. The prices run from €45,000 at the best of all business schools to €2,500 at a more modest institution.

The IE Business School’s online MBA is the best online MBA degree in the world

According to the rankings put out by The Financial Times in 2016, the best online MBA program in the world is offered by the IE Business School, a Spanish business school located in Madrid. Of course, because it is such a highly scored Master’s degree, we have included it in our listings.

A slightly different program for our site: an online MBA program given by a business school in Peru

When creating our table comparing online MBA prices, we discovered one MBA program that receives rave reviews. It is an online MBA taught in Spanish at a university in Peru. We have added it to our table, because it is one of the online MBA degree programs with the highest prestige according to The Financial Times. The courses are given partially in person and partially online. Four weeks of classes are required in person, two in Lima, Peru and another two in Barcelona at the EADA Business School, with which the university has reached a cooperation agreement. Though you must travel to Lima for two weeks, we thought it was of interest to include it on our list because of the high ratings it is given and its close ties with a Spanish business school.

Price comparison table for online MBA programs in Spain

Business SchoolTuitionClassesLocationCreditsDurationLanguageInternships
CEF Centro de Estudios Financieros€6,900100% online-60 ECTS18 monthsSpanishYes
BES La Salle - Universidad Ramón Llull€9,000100% online-24 monthsSpanishNo
Centrum Católica Graduate Business School€20,00080% online
20% in person
Lima, Perú (2 weeks)
Barcelona (2 weeks)
27 monthsSpanishNo
CEREM100% online-60 ECTS12 monthsSpanishNo
ENEB€7,600100% online-60 ECTS18 monthsSpanishNo
Escuela de Negocios y Dirección100% online-60 ECTS12 monthsSpanishNo
EU Business School€18,20080% online
20% in person
Barcelona, Génova o Munich100 ECTS10 monthsEnglishNo
IE Business School€44,70080% online
20% in person
Madrid (3 weeks)15 monthsEnglishNo
IEBS€6,750100% online--1.125 hoursSpanishNo
IEP Instituto Europeo de Posgrado€10,615100% online-14 monthsSpanishNo
IIBS80% online
20% in person (internships)
OBS Business School€13,700100% online-12 monthsSpanish
Saejee Business School€13,290100% online-12 monthsSpanishNo
UNIR Universidad de La Rioja100% online-60 ECTS12 monthsSpanishYes
Universidad a distancia de Madrid (UDIMA)€7,100100% online-60 ECTS18 monthsSpanishYes
Universidad Camilo José Cela - Bureau Veritas Centro Universitario€3,750100% online-60 ECTS12 monthsSpanishNo
Universidad de Alcalá de Henares - CEUPE€2,500100% online-120 ECTS-SpanishNo
Universidad Europea de Madrid€7,900100% online-10 monthsSpanishYes
Universidad Internacional de Valencia€4.500100% online60 ECTS12 monthsSpanishNo
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - CEPADE€6,960100% online-60 ECTS24 monthsSpanishNo
Universidad Rey Juan Carlos€3,400100% online-60 ECTS10 monthsSpanishYes